Happy Anniversary, Higgins Corporation!

This October marks the 60th year of business for Higgins Corporation, and over the years, we have overcome many challenges, adapting with the times to become what we are today.

In 1960, my dad, David R. Higgins Jr., purchased Shepard’s Inc. in Hallowell, Maine and sold typewriters, adding machines, and photocopiers. We moved to Portland in 1961. He purchased Martin Office Equipment in 1968, adding office furniture to his product line. As he also bought the building, we changed locations to the Old Port area of Portland. In 1972, he bought Colonial Business Machines, adding cash registers, addressographs, Datacard, word processing, and supermarket scanning. After a huge building fire in 1976, he moved to our South Portland, ME location, and added personal computers, LAN, accounting software, and time clocks.

I purchased Higgins Office Products in 1992. In 1998, I added NH/Datacard territories. In 2000, I changed the name to Higgins Corporation and opened our Braintree, MA office. I added MA/VT/Datacard territories. In 2003, I purchased RI Business Machines and added RI/CT/Datacard territories. In 2010, I purchased Higgins Realty; and, in 2011, I purchased OpenTech/PeopleTrack.

On October 1, 2020, we will celebrate 60 years in business. We achieved this milestone thanks to our dedicated employees who have put in years of hard work. We had planned to invite our employees and their families to a fun-filled lobster bake to celebrate our milestone. While those plans are on hold due to the pandemic, I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to our employees and their families for their years of service and for providing outstanding service and support to our customers and me.

We were allowed to stay open during COVID-19 because we service the healthcare industry, and first responder marketplaces, however, that is not why we are “essential” in my opinion. I believe that we are essential because the existence of our company has impacted many lives. It has facilitated lasting friendships and fond memories. What started as a small company, which sold typewriters back in 1960, has grown into what it is today.

To sum it all up, Higgins matters and so do you! That is why we celebrate. Thank you for all that you do.

Happy Anniversary, Higgins Corporation!

~ David R. Higgins, III, CEO