Higgins Corporation

Serving New England since 1960!

First founded in 1960 as Higgins Office Products, we deliver products designed to meet the changing needs of local businesses. Through the decades, we have closely evaluated new technologies that best serve our customers. Our vision brought us from the sales of office equipment and supplies to the very diverse products and solutions we now offer today.

Our network of Identity Experts and skilled Support Technicians meet the needs of many markets with a comprehensive product line.

Higgins specializes in: Plastic Card and Photo ID Printers, Software, Supplies & Accessories, Embossers and Metal Debossers, Student & Visitor Management Solutions, Two-Factor Authentication and Smart Cards, Emergency Management Accountability Equipment and Software, Financial Instant Issuance, Healthcare Patient Identification and more.

Over the years we have developed and maintained relationships in many markets; expanding our local reach to serve:

  • Corporate
  • Education: K-12
  • Education: College/ University
  • Healthcare: Clinics, Offices, Centers & Hospitals
  • State & Local Government: Agencies, Municipalities, States & Departments
  • Financial Institutions
  • Membership Associations
  • Gaming & Casino

Areas of Expertise

We are focused on these core areas:

Secure Identity & Plastic ID Card Printers

We are proud to offer New England the industry’s top leading brands including: Datacard, HID, Fargo, Identiv, Evolis, IDP, Matica, Gemalto, AMT Datasouth, Zebra, CIM, Card Exchange, and many more.

Situation Management & Visitor Tracking

Our NIMS-compliant Incident Command Systems provide the ability to issue credentials and accurately track on-site personnel and assets, while our PeopleTrack Visitor Management Software tracks people and events.

Supplies, Cards & Accessories

All the necessary additions to accompany your printers and credential systems can be found at Higgins Corporation. Leading brands include Brady PeopleID, Bristol ID, Allegion, AllSafe, and PDC.

Installation & Ongoing Support Services

Higgins takes pride in providing outstanding support services throughout New England. The professionalism, effort, and skills of each of our employees follow a long tradition of achievement and customer satisfaction.

Our Memberships

We are members of nationally recognized professional industry groups

A Physical Access & Identification Management Solutions Expert Group

ARMET Group is an association of experienced solution providers that empowers administrators and employers with identification and secure access technology solutions – giving you the information and resources you need for a higher level of safety and security in your workplace or campus.

Serving the continental U.S. with innovative, high-quality identification management and access control solutions, the ARMET Group delivers sales, support, service, and integration of hardware and software solutions for a more secure and safe working and learning environment.

Knowledge is power – and knowing who does and doesn’t belong is more critical than ever before. You can trust ARMET Group to guide you through the latest in identification management solutions for business, education, healthcare, and government. Our goal: giving you the power to protect your people, places, and things through secure identification management and access control.

The Nationwide Network of Certified Identification, Tracking & Security Solutions Experts

Higgins is a proud member of the Identification Systems Group (ISG).  

The ISG is a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security, tracking and card personalization technologies, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by local support and the strength of their Professional Services Certification program.

Each member company works together to provide seamless support and collaboration in the identification and issuance industries across the USA and Canada.

The goal of the organization is to provide a complete, world-class line of products and complimentary services to existing and prospective customers. The emergence of new markets has created exciting opportunities for the substantial growth of the ISG.

rf IDEAS Partner Program for Technology, Integration & Specialty Distributors

ENGAGE helps us build our identification and authentication expertise with a growing library of sales and technical training videos. Being an ENGAGE partner educates us on which rf IDEAS products are best for each customer’s need, installation and configuration of rf IDEAS readers, and how to integrate those readers with third-party and multivendor solutions.

ENGAGE replaces and builds upon the WAVE ID® program. As an existing partner, we can integrate, resell or recommend rf IDEAS technologies via the ENGAGE program.

Being an ENGAGE partner helps us get the leads, resources and support we need to incorporate simple, secure identification and authentication into our customer’s solutions through industry-leading rf IDEAS technologies.

We are Authorized Dealers and ON-SITE service providers for major brands specializing in sales and technical support of a variety of solutions, including:

Our Partners

We represent only the best brands in every solution we offer