As we begin to reopen our cities, states, and the entire country, there will be an increased need to ensure the public that precautions have been taken to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19. Until widespread testing or a vaccine is available, one of the ways to mitigate risk is to take make sure that your staff are not sick when they come to work each day. This can be accomplished with a temperature tracking solution, such as PeopleTrack.

PeopleTrack is a convenient tool to quickly document those entering your school or place of business, log scan results, and sort as needed. It’s available for PC, Tablet, & Mobile. COVID-19 has created a need for thermal screening of visitors entering facilities, and PeopleTrack contains all the tools necessary to quickly document those checking in, log test results, and ID as needed while being flexible enough to accommodate the unique logistical problems that small businesses of various sorts will deal with while fighting this battle.

Our PeopleTrack Software Solutions can capture temperatures either by manual input or by scanning of bar codes as people check-in. We can set up your system to capture their temperature information and report on it instantly. We can also provide visible daily wristbands/tags (different colors/day) so you have a visual instant check people are cleared for the day having the proper temperature to work safely.

PeopleTrack’s Mobile Temperature Tracking Solution

Our mobile app, combined with a temperature scanner, is an effective way to categorize those with suspected infections away from a central gathering place so that social distancing is maintained while quickly processing those arriving. Here’s how it works:

  • Scan an ID or enter their info into the system.
  • Select or input their test results directly into one of our customized fields.
  • Check-In and print a badge or wristband.
  • Run daily, monthly, or hourly reports detailing all your visitor data.

Our team can help you get set up quickly with all the required tools to prepare for this new reality at your organization so that visitors, employees, students, and officials can get back to work while still collectively fighting to limit the spread of the virus.

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