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The Higgins Badge Accessories Catalog features identification accessories from the best accessories manufacturers offering high-quality lanyards, badge clips, reels, and holders for any budget, including cards, badges, cardholders, lanyards, badge reels, and more.

In addition to our terrific selection of stock lanyards, we also offer the ability to customize our lanyards and you can even do it yourself with our design your own lanyard tool.

The ways in which ID cards are used and worn can be complicated. As a part of visual security, the ID card should be worn so that is easily visible, which brings up the following questions:

  • Does the card need to be easily removed for use in systems?
  • Will your users be wearing dresses or suits? You probably don’t want to use a clip-on ID holder on those.

Other questions to consider include:

  • Will your users need to carry more than one card?
  • Are your ID cards breaking at the slot hole?

Our products can be used across a wide variety of industries including education, healthcare, marketing, government, manufacturing, and more.


Badge Holders

We offer every type of badge holder you can imagine for one or multiple cards with unlimited customization options.


With a variety of materials, widths, imprinting options, and attachments, we have a solution for your needs and price range.

Badge Reels

From economy options to full-color customization, including custom graphics, logos, and text, we have a wide variety of options for you.