My Photo ID Software has been “Discontinued”?

What does that mean for me!?

While the term discontinued sounds like a big deal, with lots of changes in regards to your ID program in tow, it really is not. No panic or worry needed if you hear this word! The term discontinued is a bit misleading as to what is actually happening.  So, what does it mean? It should simply be thought of as: “no longer available for purchase” or “end of sale”.

Like with any software, think of Microsoft Windows for example, newer software versions or programs come out and take the place of their predecessors, and the older versions stop being sold. The same is true, and happens for ID card software programs as well.  The manufacturer will issue a discontinue date and after that date it stops being retailed or sold. That is about the gist of what it means. So, if you were thinking of upgrading to a newer version of your software and you have been notified of a discontinue date, it will simply not be available for sale after that date. Once the end of sale date occurs, an alternative, newer software will need to be chosen if you are going to purchase or upgrade yours.

Here at Higgins Corporation, our Identity Experts can discuss software options taking place of discontinued software, or some other fantastic software alternatives we have on the market that will work well with your ID card printers.

But wait, I just purchased the soon- to- be discontinued software!

For those who recently invested in software with a new ID system and it gets “discontinued”, it will still receive support from our skilled Service Technicians here at Higgins Corporation, and the manufacturer will usually continue to offer two years+ of continued support on the software itself. After the two years is over, the software still works, and will continue to work, but will just not have the same software patching and upgrades available like newer software receives.

If this isn’t a big deal, and doesn’t really cause issues, why discuss it?

In today’s technological age, everything is posted or available in one way, shape or form on the internet. Here at Higgins Corporation, we want our customers to simply be aware that if you read anything on the web about a “discontinuation” what it exactly means. We aren’t a fan of leaving anyone in the dark, and are here to keep our customers informed of what’s happening. We serve to educate and include our customers in any changes, however minuscule they may be. It is our goal that our customers should hear any changes from us with clarity, instead of confusion that may be found elsewhere. We want to make it known and encourage you to feel free to call us to discuss any discontinuations in more detail, should you want to. We are here and would love to help answer any questions you might have.

Hopefully this information was helpful, We value our relationship and thank you for your continued support and business!