Fall is here, which means K-12 and college students all around the country are preparing for activities like Halloween, Homecoming, and other events centered around school spirit. At any given time, these events can draw in hundreds or even thousands of visitors, which raises security concerns for school campuses with multiple entrances or vulnerability points.

Fortunately, lanyards are a versatile tool for carrying and displaying identification credentials around campus. In fact, students, teachers, and staff use lanyards on a daily basis to hold IDs, security passes, keys, whistles, and more.

However, lanyards aren’t just a cost-effective tool for adding another layer of security; they’re also popular for cultivating school pride because they can be customized with colors, textures, and graphics for any occasion.


Homecoming signifies one of the largest gatherings of the year when alumni return to reconnect with their alma mater. While it’s an emotional time for many, the security concerns cannot be overlooked, which is why ID cards and custom lanyards should be considered as a means to identify visitors as well as a cherished keepsake that features personalized information like the person’s name and graduation year.

Prom Night

This long-awaited night in the lives of American students can become a logistical nightmare for security staff to keep track of who’s legitimate and who isn’t. The best way to maintain a controlled environment is to provide students with lanyards that must be displayed at all times and give chaperones and staff color-coded custom lanyards for fast recognition. Who says you can’t make lanyards fancy? Some rhinestones may just do the trick!


This can be a bittersweet day for many students, as they embark on their journey outside the sheltered life they led within school walls. With so many family members attending, it’s important to provide each student with identity cards for their guests that are kept visible at all times. By clipping identity cards to the custom lanyard, you now have a security measure in place that transforms the humble lanyard into a valuable memento for parents and students, especially when you add a personal touch like the graduation year, school motto, or school mascot.

Promoting a Good Cause

Copy on a lanyard is like a billboard advertisement – it sends out a strong and persistent message to everyone a student interacts with throughout the day. Why not use that space to promote awareness about issues affecting much of the student body population, such as bullying and conditions like dyslexia?


  • Will everyone wearing the ID card be required to make them visible?
  • What accessory for wearing the ID works best?
  • Will the card need to be removed from the pouch so that it’s “read” by other systems?
  • Will the “reading” be with a tap or a swipe where it needs to be readily accessible?

Our braid-woven, ribbed polyester, and vinyl lanyards are fitting for customers in the education space, as they are straightforward and can be easily customized to feature colorful graphics or text.

Why stop there, though, when you have an infinite number of possibilities?

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