March 31, 2022: End of Support for ID Works / ID Centre

When a product is “at the end of its useful life,” a vendor will often decide to announce the “end-of-life” for the product, which effectively means that there will be a date when the product is no longer available for sale, and, in the case of software, a date where it will no longer be updated or supported. Earlier this year, Entrust announced its decision to declare ID Works / ID Centre end-of-life, and as of March 31, 2021, they were no longer available for ordering. The end of support for these products is March 31, 2022.


Support for ID Works / ID Center

Entrust will continue to provide support for ID Works / ID Centre until March 31, 2022. For customers with a service contract, the contract will terminate at the end-of-support date of March 31, 2022. For non-contract customers, support services will continue to be available at an hourly rate until March 31, 2022.

Replacement Options

There are several options available to replace ID Works / ID Centre, including Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID and CardExchange.

Entrust Instant ID

The Entrust Instant ID Software (formally TruCredential) is a solution that will allow organizations to create, issue, and manage secure ID cards and credentials that meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials. If you have many card formats already created in ID Works / ID Centre this may be the best option for you.

The benefits of Instant ID include:

  • easy to install
  • highly configuarable to meet your specific needs
  • intuitive
  • scalable
  • mobile compatible

Instant ID is also “future-proof” because it is network-based, card agnostic, and has a transformational roadmap that includes cloud issuance and mobile credentials.


CardExchange Producer offers quick and easy card production and encoding at an affordable price. Not only can you create professional, custom ID cards in minutes, but you can also assign user permissions to allow team members access to the ID creation and encoding software.

The benefits of Card Exchange include:

  • unlimited layouts per template
  • centrally controlled card designs allow you to update one to update all
  • all of your data at one location
  • ability to manage multiple printers from one location
  • optional print dispatcher w/ print server for load balancing of large print jobs over the network

CardExchange is definitely the next generation of ID card management and will scale to meet your organization’s growing needs.

Support for Next Generation Printers

While nobody ever likes to make the transition due to an end-of-life situation, it is sometimes a blessing in disguise as you are forced to upgrade to newer and more secure technologies. That is the case with the transition from ID Works / ID Center to Instant ID or CardExchange. These mature issuance solutions will allow you to adapt your ID credential solutions to meet the needs of your school or university today … and tomorrow. Both of these best-in-class software solutions are more secure, scalable, and adaptable to meet the needs of Gen Z in the world of tomorrow. This was just not possible with ID Works / ID Centre.

Let Higgins help you decide which of these next-generation issuance solutions are best for your needs and then help you seamlessly migrate before the ID Works / ID Centre end-of-life when support is no longer available. Give us a call at 800.486.1312 to learn more … but, hurry! The clock is ticking!