The Android version of our visitor, member, and student tracking solution, PeopleTrack, has been greatly enhanced with the release of PeopleTrack Mobile 3.0 to improve the customer experience and expand the devices available to use with the platform.

PeopleTrack is an easily customizable, multi-purpose facility management solution to track, monitor, and manage visitors in many markets including Education, Small Business, Community, Government, and Healthcare.

PeopleTrack Mobile 3.0 offers several exciting new features including intelligent scanning with Google Vision AI and true label mobile badge printing.

Scanning with Google Vision AI

Have you tried scanning a barcode with your phone? If so, you know it can be frustrating due to many variables including the camera quality of the device, lighting, motion, focus, and the app’s capabilities.

By integrating Google’s Vision API for intelligent scanning into PeopleTrack Mobile 3.0, the app automatically adjusts as necessary to accommodate lighting, motion, and focus. As a result, users can now choose any Android device they would like to use without concern for quality.

Mobile Badge Printing

The Zebra ZQ500 series for true label printing for mobile is now compatible with PeopleTrack. The print options now allow users to customize their mobile badges with logos, images, barcodes, check-in fields, and visitor info, as well as the ability to either print an ID badge or a traditional ticket.

“We have been using PeopleTrack for many years now and have all our 6-12 grade students in our database. The software is easy to install and maintain. Our end users love it because it’s so easy to use and very effective for managing and tracking all of our students. The customer support we receive is four stars all the way.” ~ North Little Rock School District, Little Rock, AR

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