Are you ready to be done with passwords forever? It is possible with mobile credentials. Read on to learn why it is time to say goodbye to the past and embrace the future of mobile credentials. 

The Problem With Passwords

If you are like most people, you have more passwords than you could ever possibly remember. This probably explains why a recent survey* polling IT security leaders in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia, found that two out of every five help desk tickets result from a password or multi-factor authentication (MFA) lockout.

Getting locked out disrupts the end-user, which may explain why almost half of all end users reuse their passwords, even though that does not comport with security best practices. Many people even come up with their own methods of tracking their passwords, such as (gasp!) writing them down on sticky notes.

In addition to causing frustration for users, passwords pose significant security risks.

The same survey found that 90% of security pros reported seeing unauthorized access attempt as a result of stolen login credentials. In fact, security leaders have estimated that they could reduce their risk of breach by as much as 43% by merely eliminating passwords.

A whopping 86% of those surveyed said they would do away with passwords if they could; and, 72% are actively looking for alternatives to replace passwords. (Give us a call today at 800.486.1312!)

The Future is Mobile Credentials

The survey also revealed that almost nine out of ten (88%) security leaders believe that mobile devices will soon serve as digital ID to access enterprise services and data.

digital wallet for mobile credentials

Our mobile phones are always with us and having mobile credentials eliminates the need to write down passwords or to have to carry multiple access cards. When physical access solutions are outfitted with mobile credentials, they provide a convenient and secure way for us to store our identities so they can be used to open doors by simply tapping or waving the device in front of a reader.

Safetrust’s Digital Wallet

Higgins is proud to offer Safetrust mobile credentials to our New England customers. Safetrust is a global pioneer in physical and logical identity solutions, bringing mobility to the modern enterprise with the simple tap of a smartphone.

Safetrust’s digital wallet allows users to store virtual credentials such as building access cards, corporate identities, club memberships, payment cards, etc. from multiple trusted sources securely in a mobile ID wallet. This allows users to safely carry all of their physical access credentials with them everywhere they go. Even better, virtual credentials such as tokens and digital certificates can be consolidated into one manageable application, including credentials that require a PIN or biometrics.

Give us a call today at 800.486.1312 or contact us to discuss your access control and mobile credential needs so we can design a solution for you.

*Source: MobileIron