Imagine a situation in which an elderly patient in a nursing home is reported missing from his or her room, or an intruder enters a school. While these are two very different scenarios, in both cases, you would want to have the ability to lock certain areas of the building down while simultaneously being able to account for everyone’s whereabouts. That is why tracking people and places are so important.

With a visitor management system and an access control system in place, you would be able to quickly determine where everyone in your facility is located, as well as route them to safety, if necessary.

The Business of Tracking People: Visitor Management

While safety and security are a top priority when it comes to tracking people, there are practical business applications as well. A visitor management system can be used to:

  • scan and capture IDs
  • print ID badges
  • verify authorization
  • track in/out activities

and provide reports in real-time as needed. Many visitor management systems can also perform background checks.

Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor management systems are typically used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities that face unique security challenges due to the steady flow of employees, visitors, patients, and vendors coming in and out of the building every day. Businesses also use visitor management systems to efficiently track visitors, contractors, and personnel, as well as to provide accurate time logs for management.

“We use PeopleTrack MM for tracking time of our associates and more importantly tracking where they are. Are they in the building or not? Should an event happen at or around Higgins, we need to know where our folks are and get them to safety as quickly as possible.” – David R. Higgins III, CEO Higgins Corporation

Other People Tracking Systems

For schools and college campuses, a student management system like PeopleTrack can have all the features of a visitor management system as well as additional capabilities, including the ability to issue and track violations, manage student schedules, and track students at events.

Last, but certainly not least, member management systems can have all the features of visitor management systems as well as additional capabilities, including the ability to track loyalty points and manage passes. A membership management system is ideal for pools, health clubs, and apartment communities.

The Business of Tracking Places: Access Control

In addition to implementing a visitor management system, it is often necessary to restrict physical access so that only authorized persons are allowed into a building and then further tracking and limiting access to doors, gates, or rooms on an as-needed basis. This can be done with a physical access control system that uses various technologies such as keys, cards, biometric, or PIN-based system to lock and unlock doors.

Physical Access Systems

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to physical access as a well-orchestrated system will be designed for your needs. From simple to complex projects, Higgins can provide you with the technology you need, including access systems using:

  • proximity cards
  • smart cards
  • swipe cards
  • biometrics
  • keypads
  • mobile devices


A visitor management system combined with a physical access system, video surveillance, and alarms can provide you with a complete, integrated security system. Give us a call today at 800.486.1312 to discuss your needs so we can design a solution for you.