Advantages of Campus One-Card Solutions

5 Advantages of Using Campus One-Card Solutions

Although touchless access control solutions on college campuses have been around for a few years, the COVID-19 pandemic turned these modern security measures into a necessity, dramatically accelerating the rate at which schools and universities invest in contactless technology and campus one-card solutions.

Faced with the challenge of having to ensure the health of students and staff in a post-COVID-19 world, schools are implementing additional security technologies to support a touchless environment. Contactless credential systems such as smart card readers with hands-free options are being used to manage access control and monitor activity in campus facilities. 

Campus One-Card Solutions

The advantages of using contactless credential systems such as a one-card cloud-based identification solution include:

Access Control

Smart cards, or one-card systems, not only track entry to various access points on campus such as dorm rooms or the gym, but they can also alert security personnel if someone is alone in a facility for a long period of time, indicating a possible medical or safety emergency. Staff can also use their ID cards to securely access offices and other areas off-limits to students. 

Cashless payments

Your student ID can be used for any campus payment such as meal plans, bookstore purchases, services rendered, laundry machine expenses, and more. With a one-card system, students can securely conduct purchase transactions and remotely upload funds. 

Recover usage costs for computer labs

By automating the management process used by school libraries to charge for and securely release prints or copies, instead of investing in manpower and equipment, schools can recoup the costs. Computer workstations may use logins that allot usage costs and time tracking to the student or staff ID, or that grant access to VPNs and networks.

Improve access to public transit

Although photo IDs can be useful for identity verification, they provide no data about the number of riders or the peak times they ride, which increases the work the driver has to do. A wireless bus pass can grant access, charge for trips, and provide useful data on student/staff use of the bus system.

Powerful insights reporting

Administrators can analyze all transaction data from the convenience of one centralized system, enabling them to make better decisions moving forward.

To further illustrate the impact of campus one-card solutions, consider the case of the University of Connecticut, which was tasked with securing its campus for its 32,000 students and 9,000+ faculty and staff. In an effort to execute a phased, university-wide transition to an updated one-card system, administrators sought a solution that was capable of increasing security, while retaining magstripe and proximity technology. They partnered with HID Global to re-card the university with credential technology and issue 18,000 encoded cards annually in a phased approach under a centralized and integrated system that simplified operations and increased security.

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