HID FARGO Connect Cloud-Based ID Card Printing

Are you still dealing with the same limitations that have plagued the ID card issuance industry for the past two decades, such as isolated workstations and limited integrations? With HID® FARGO® Connect™, your facility will benefit from the convenience of cloud-based ID card printing. Imagine no more PCs, software or drivers to manage. With secure remote issuance, imagine the money you will save but not having shipping expenses to deliver credentials, not to mention the time savings. Instead of locally maintained printers, you will have centralized control and visibility. Gone are the days of issuing from PCs, hours spent waiting on print queues, and bouncing between applications. With HID FARGO Connect, you will have the ability to issue credentials from any device with distributed inline personalization, and a unified user interface.

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With HID FARGO Connect, your facility will benefit from the convenience of cloud-based ID card printing. This evolution in card technology works seamlessly with popular one-card and physical access control software, databases, and card technologies. Higgins Corporation sells and services all HID/FARGO products and solutions, retail all consumables and supplies. Higgins Corporation is an Advantage HID Platinum Level Partner.

Cloud-Based ID Card Printing: Centralized, Optimized, Secure

HID FARGO Connect simplifies the management and delivery of printing ID card credentials by removing some of the most resource-consuming tasks, giving administrators full system visibility and control while meeting and/or exceeding the strictest regulatory security requirements.

Some of the key features of HID FARGO Connect include:

No Dedicated PCs Required
No software to install means no maintenance required!

Issues From Any Device, Anywhere!
With the connect cloud, you can issue cards from any device, from anywhere. In fact, you can design your cards, capture your data, and print anywhere, from any device.

Smart Card Issuance
Inline personalization manages smart cards during the issuance process, simplifying operator involvement. It supports the reading of card serial numbers (CSN) and HID Access Control data. The writing of data is planned for future releases.

Annual and Monthly Billing Options Available
HID FARGO Connect is subscription-based with annual and monthly billing options available. Having a single annual fee for ID card issuance software and maintenance means that you will have simplified billing and increased efficiency on your current budget.

Future Enhancements

Future enhancements for HID FARGO Connect include:

  • Mobile IDs to simplify adoption, to seamlessly issue and renew, and to gain flexibility with future compatibility
  • Trusted Tags for NFC and internet-enabled phones where every tap is unique and to verify a card is authentic
    with a mirrored badge image

HID FARGO Connect: The smarter way to issue ID cards!