A community college in New England wanted the ability to quickly and easily issue student IDs and visitor passes to track the in/out activities of students and visitors across multiple campuses and dozens of workstations. Higgins selected OpenTech’s PeopleTrack Visitor & Student Management Solution for the project due to its flexibility and ability to be customized to meet the client’s needs, which included a centralized database for real-time reporting and tracking.

The solution was installed as an enterpise-level, cloud-based solution across 13 community college campuses and 60+ workstations where students can pass through without interruption while visitors scan their driver’s license to receive a temporary paper pass. This system allows the college to generate a report showing who was in a specific place at a particular time period, which can be used as a contact tracing measure if the college is notified of a possible COVID exposure among visitors, staff, or students.

“From the kickoff calls to the logistics of deploying across our many campuses in a short time frame, the Higgins team made it look easy! We are very pleased with our new visitor and student management solution and we are delighted that everything went so smoothly!” ~ J.D., Deputy CIO