In an effort to further improve their operations, Simcha Yurcowicz of Identificación Plástica (Idenpla) in Colombia visited Higgins headquarters in South Portland, ME to compare notes.

Yurcowicz first met Higgins at the recent Entrust Datacard Partner meetings in Florida and after comparing notes decided a trip to Maine to glean more was in order. “We had hired someone for customer service,” explains Yurcowicz. The Idenpla customer service specialist was tasked with following up on customers and keeping them stocked with supplies. “We were thinking of adding more ‘telemarketing’ to [this role].” When Idenpla learned how Higgins operates both an Inside and Outside team and how they interact, they were intrigued. After a casual meeting an international trip was planned.

Lucky for Yurcowicz, for that one-week in June, the weather in Maine was similar to that of his native Colombia – warm and sunny. “It was a great trip,” said Yurcowicz.

Yurcowicz listed numerous take-a-ways from his trip including the importance of maintaining a positive energy and attitude in every collaborator; trust in the team; empower collaborators to make decisions; share information to enable team work; the use of digital marketing tools to engage customers; participation in trade shows all year round to be close to prospects; and offering solutions, not product, to prospects.

“I am very grateful for the information Higgins shared, and to David for allowing me access to his team,” said Yurcowicz. “I absorbed a great deal about their very well planned and implemented strategies, tactics, solutions and management indicators.”

Yurcowicz hopes Higgins can make it to Bogota so Idenpla can return the favor.

“It was great having Simcha here,” said David Higgins III, CEO. “I hope it met his expectations and provided something he can implement at Idenpla. I look forward to a trip to Columbia – in the Winter.”

About Idenpla

Idenpla is Columbia’s and Venezuela’s exclusive Entrust Datacard dealer. They provide identification solutions to a wide scope of card applications, such as access control, and time and attendance.

With more than 240 partners and 100 employees, Idenpla’s efforts in the banking, insurance, health, petroleum, industries and education markets has given the company the vastly dominant market share in all credit, debit and identification cards circulating in Columbia and Venezuela.

About Higgins Corporation

Higgins Corporation has been serving New England for 55 years. With locations in all New England states, Higgins offers complete secure photo ID solutions utilizing barcode and smart card technology to enable at-a-glance visual verification. Our platform of products includes state-of-the-art emergency personnel and first responder tracking systems, photo identification solutions, visitor and vendor management and much more.

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