IDP YMCPKO Pearlescent Ribbon (SMARTMark)

SMARTMarkOP is a Pearlescent (P) panel that is applied to the surface of a card. This color-shifting ink can easily be seen on a card with the naked eye and can be customized to include text, pictures, or logos. The printed feature adds security, as it is easily visible to the trained eye, but not so to the untrained. Watch the video below to see how it looks.

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Benefits of the SMARTMark Ribbon:

  • Offers visual security similar to a hologram without the need for a laminator
  • Data printed can be variable, if applied with the IDP’s SMART iDesigner software
  • Custom images can be created without any origination fees.


SMARTMark Security Overlay

This new enhanced security element is similar to a watermark.
SMARTMark applies an image of your choice to your cards in the final step of printing.


YMCPKO Full-color and Pearlescent panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 200 cards/roll

Compatible Printers:

SMART-31 and SMART-51 Series Printers