Salamander Intelligent Accountability

Higgins and Salamander provide first responders and emergency managers with the tools they need to manage incidents. Our Intelligent Accountability Suite offers unrivaled situational awareness, painting a common operational picture for everyone involved to get situations under control and save lives.

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Salamander Intelligent Accountability

Salamander Intelligent Accountability

Intelligent Accountability (IA) is the real-time tagging, tracking, and reporting of people and resources at the scene of an incident from anywhere in the world. IA links physical with digital. It provides off-location command centers and on-scene responders with a common operating picture. IA is more data, better data, and faster decisions to save lives.

Salamander Intelligent AccountabilityTAG Identity Management

On and off-scene identification for personnel, equipment, visitors, victims, and more. 

  • Create custom-designed hard card and wristband identifications
  • Manage responder records, qualifications, and equipment records.
  • Create incident and personnel-specific badges for rapid on-scene identification.

TRACK Incident Management

On-scene computerized incident management allows you to capture data, verify identities, and track resources.

  • Provide rugged and dependable accountability to work through any condition imaginable.
  • Track responders and patients in real-time right in the palm of your hand.
  • Displays data in ICS format for easy incident management.

REPORT Resource Management

Share evacuee, resource, and personnel data from the incident to off-scene agencies in real-time to provide a common operating picture.

  • Secure server that provides a common operating picture viewable by authorized personnel anywhere in the world.
  • Supports HSPD-12 with multi-factor validation and instant on-scene assignment.
  • Export incident data for documentation and reimbursement.

Contact us to learn more about Salamander Intelligent Accountability and how we can help implement an accountability solution that will meet your needs.

Salamander Asset Management

Salamander’s Asset Management accounts for all assets, inventory, and PPE. Whether you need to account for assets within a single organization, or throughout an entire city, county or state, Salamander provides accurate, real-time visibility. Assets are managed in two ways: SaladmanderLive, a secure, cloud-based environment that can be accessed anywhere, and using a mobile app. These tools allow for complete speed, flexibility and accuracy, whether in an office or out in the field.


Higgins is an authorized reseller for Salamander. Call us today at 800.486.1312 to learn how you can benefit from this state-of-the-art multi-level asset management and accountability solution provided by Salamander Technologies.