Badge Reels

From economy options to full-color customization, including custom graphics, logos, and text, we have a wide variety of badge reels for you.

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Badge Reels

Badge reels are an easy, convenient way to carry and display an ID badge or card and are of particular convenience to those who are required to scan or swipe their card regularly, as the included retractable cord keeps attached ID credentials easily accessible. Badge reels are used in hospitals, medical centers, schools, and office buildings and we have a variety of styles to meet your needs. We can offer discounted reels based on order quantity and we offer the ability to customize reels with eye-catching graphics. Here are a few of the options we have available:

  • No-twist badge reels are ideal for customers in the healthcare field, where having front-facing credentials is often required by law. Our no-twist reels use a unique front-loading design to prevent credentials from getting tangled.
  • Sport badge reels feature a sturdy design and a swivel hook end-fitting, perfect for holding ski passes or other recreational passes.
  • Max label reels are perfect for those in the promotional industry. They feature a retractable cord and a durable design like other badge reels but have a larger custom imprint area for a bigger custom logo or graphic. These reels are great for giveaways or organizations seeking to increase brand recognition.
  • Customers seeking a fun, eye-catching badge reel will enjoy our heart-shaped reels, baby footprint reels, or rhinestone reels. Show a little flair and add some fun to their card-carrying program with these unique accessories!

Badge Accessories

The Higgins Badge Accessories Catalog features identification accessories from the best accessories manufacturers offering high-quality lanyards, badge clips, reels, and holders for any budget, including cards, badges, cardholders, lanyards, badge reels, and more.