Top Stories 2021

Our Top Stories of 2021

As we wind down the last week of 2021, we’re reacquainting you with some of the top stories that we have been talking about this past year: 

March 31, 2022: End of Support for ID Works / ID Centre

If you’re an Entrust customer with a service contract for ID Works / ID Centre, you have until 3/31/22 to receive support. Non-contract customers will continue to receive support until this date at an hourly rate. Not to worry, though, because Higgins offers several options to replace ID Works / ID Centre, including Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID and CardExchange. [learn more]

PeopleTrack Mobile 3.0 Has Been Released!

PeopleTrack Mobile 3.0 offers several exciting new features, including intelligent scanning with Google Vision AI and true label mobile badge printing. PeopleTrack is an easily customizable, multi-purpose facility management solution to track, monitor, and manage visitors in many markets including Education, Small Business, Community, Government, and Healthcare. [learn more]

How a Global Health Crisis Led to a Global Chip Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic shook up the semiconductor industry, disrupting supply chain logistics for manufacturers across the world and causing severe inventory shortages. Popular HID Prox & RFID Smart Credentials like MIFARE Classic® 1k and MIFARE Ultralight® are likely to be subject to a lead-time of at least 10 weeks, and other key products like MIFARE PLUS®, MIFARE® DESFire®, and a variety of Java Cards are being forecast at up to 26 weeks for chip supply. Order now to avoid problems later! [learn more]

Global Cybersecurity Challenges Plaguing Corporations

The consumer identity and access management market is projected to grow to $15.3 billion by 2025, a growth that’s not without its cybersecurity challenges. That’s because businesses today face numerous challenges including phishing attacks, cloud vulnerability, electronic medical records hacks, bring-your-own-device-related challenges, and Internet of Things (IoT) ransomware attacks. When implementing best management practices for your organization, consider: implementing a zero-trust security model, using multi-factor authentication (MFA), applying the Principle of Least Privilege, enforcing a strong password policy, and conducting routine audits. [learn more]

A Custom Solution to a Nationwide Pattern of Violence

Violent incidents taking place across schools nationwide are sparking outrage from desperately concerned parents, who are calling on administrators for increased security measures. Our answer to that call is the PeopleTrack Student Management System (SM), which is an all-in-one, universal tracking solution that provides schools with the necessary tools to accommodate any requirement in identifying any and all individuals that step foot on campus. [learn more]

A Forecast of the Incident & Emergency Management Market

The last couple of years has brought us natural disasters, a global pandemic, and a rise in terrorist and cybersecurity attacks. As a result, many tech and manufacturing companies are deploying first responders and equipment as part of their incident and emergency management systems to support emergency response, fire, and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) teams. Higgins is an expert in the emergency responder market with a staff trained to provide information, implementation, training, and ongoing support. We’ve also formed an alliance with Tactron and Salamander Technologies to provide a variety of manual and electronic incident management and electronic accountability systems that are NIMS compliant to help you design, develop, plan, and prepare for natural and man-made disasters. [learn more]  

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