A visitor management system is an essential tool for any company that has people entering the premises on a regular basis. In this article, you’ll find out how businesses use visitor management systems for visitor tracking and why these systems are so important for your business.


How Businesses Use Visitor Management Systems

A visitor management system (VMS) is a system used by businesses and other organizations to track and manage the movement of employees, contractors, visitors, and vendors within the premises. It helps businesses to streamline the process of managing these people while also providing a security measure to prevent unauthorized access.

There are various types of VMS available to businesses, each with its own set of features.

  • The most basic form of VMS simply issues visitor passes and keeps a log of all visitors.
  • More advanced systems may include features such as pre-registration, background checks, badging, electronic signing, and ID scanning.
  • Some visitor management systems even offer integration with other business systems, such as CRM or ERP.

For businesses that receive a large number of visitors on a daily basis, a VMS can help to streamline the check-in process and make it more efficient. In some cases, a VMS can even be integrated with access control systems to automate the whole process.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use visitor management systems, including for security purposes, to improve efficiency when checking visitors in and out of the building or premises, and to reduce costs by saving time and gaining productivity. A VMS can even help present a professional image for your company by eliminating paper logs and showing that you have entered the modern era.

The Benefits of Visitor Management Systems

The benefits of using a VMS are numerous. Perhaps most importantly, it helps businesses to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to certain areas. This is especially important in sensitive areas such as data centers or research laboratories. Additionally, a VMS can help businesses keep track of who is on the premises at any given time, which can be useful for safety and security purposes.

There are many benefits of visitor management systems, including the following:

Increased Safety & Security

A VMS helps businesses track who is on their premises at all times. Visitor information can be scanned and captured from a driver’s license, credit card, or business card at check-in. This is important for security because it allows companies to identify unauthorized visitors, run background checks, and keep a catalog of who is being visited by whom. A VMS can also be used to help businesses evacuate their premises quickly and efficiently during an emergency.

Improved Check-In/Out Efficiency

Using a VMS, businesses can streamline the check-in process, quickly and easily print photo ID credentials & badges, and even provide the ability for self-check-in. In addition to visitor tracking, visitor management systems can also be used to track activities and as a time-logging and tracking tool for a variety of uses across multiple industries.

Reduced Costs and Wait Times / Improved Customer Experience

A VMS can help businesses save money by reducing the need to have administrative staff manually track visitors, freeing them up to attend to their other duties. Multiple kiosks can be set up to assist multiple visitors at once, which can eliminate wait times and provide a better customer experience.

Increased Compliance

A VMS can help businesses ensure compliance with government visitor tracking and reporting regulations. Additionally, a VMS can help companies maintain compliance with safety regulations by tracking employee training records and certifications.

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