Zebra ZXP8 Retransfer Card Printer

Zebra’s innovative ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer is ideal for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards, or for when the application calls for very high image quality or cards that are more durable and abrasion-resistant. Using an innovative retransfer print process, the Zebra ZXP8 Retransfer Card Printer delivers superior print resolution at the fastest speeds in its class for high-quality photo ID cards with images and graphics that look more like glossy magazine prints than ordinary ID photos. The printer’s modular design provides flexibility to add a variety of encoding options as needed.  Single or dual-sided lamination is also available.

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Zebra ZXP8 Retransfer Card Printer

Unlike traditional direct-to-card printers, which use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card, retransfer printers print onto a flexible, transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card.

In general, the benefits of retransfer printing Include:

  • Higher image quality and print resolution
  • The ability to print on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards
  • True edge-to-edge printing (via over-the-edge printing). Traditional card printers leave a white border at the edges of the card.
  • The ability to print on non-PVC cards. Direct-to-card printers require a dye-receiving surface available only through PVC cards.
  • More durable and abrasion-resistant cards
  • Fraud protection, since the film is inherently tamper-evident

Advantages of Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 printer achieve the fastest print speed while maintaining top image quality, making it the best-in-class retransfer printer available on the market.

  • Zebra achieves print speeds that far exceed any other retransfer printer, and that are comparable to many of the fastest direct-to-card printers on the market today.
  • Zebra’s image-processing technology compensates for image errors normally caused by high printing speeds—enabling photo-quality images and print resolution even at increased print speeds.
  • Zebra’s patented image transfer process applies film to both sides of the card in a single pass, drastically reducing the print time. The result is photo-like image quality and best-in-class throughput for mainstream printing, encoding, and laminating—so you enjoy increased operational efficiency.