Entrust Datacard Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3)

The Entrust Datacard® Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) is specifically designed for today’s cloud environments as well as to give you the ability to quickly and easily issue the most secure identities in the world. Click here to download pdf for specs and more details.

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The Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) is simple, secure, and smart. In fact, it’s the next generation of direct-to-card printing!

Simple: From issuing ID cards and mobile flash passes to managing the printer, you will find that the Sigma DS3 is the most user-friendly ID card issuance solution on the market … right out of the box!

Secure: Your customers’ data is kept safe and secure at each step of the issuance process thanks to Datacard’s industry-leading
issuance security architecture.

Smart: The Sigma DS3 was designed with forward-thinking technology and scalability so you can expand your ID card program as your needs evolve.

Sigma ID Card Printer (DS3) Features


Intuitive Printer Dashboard: Whether you need to check the printer status, cleaning status, update the firmware, order supplies, or even contact help, it can all be done from your mobile device.

Seamless Self-Service: Simply scan a QR code on the LCD display to quickly access how-to videos and other helpful resources.

Incorporate Brand Colors: The variable LED light ring lets you incorporate your brand colors or other customization into your ambient environment.

Pre-Loaded Ribbon Cassettes: The pre-loaded ribbon cassettes make switching ribbons easy!


Locks & Encryption: Keys are required to access the card inventory in the printer and the connection is encrypted between the software and the printer. The customer’s data is also encrypted and is not stored in the printer once the print job has completed.

Malware & Virus Protection: A secure boot protects the system from malware and viruses.

Protection from Tampering & Counterfeiting: Luster printing and other security features are added to the cards to protect them from tampering and/or counterfeiting.


Flexible: Issuance capabilities include both physical cards and digital mobile flash passes and your choice of on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment.

Scalable: As your needs change you can expand your ID program by adding multi-hopper, smart card capabilities, color tactile printing, and more.

Always Available: Print anytime, anywhere with your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows).


Higgins Corporation is an Entrust Platinum Level Partner. Entrust (formerly Entrust Datacard) Authorized Sales and Service Providers must meet the highest standards for delivering quality and timely sales, service, and support for your Entrust products.