Safetrust Mobile Credentials

Higgins is proud to offer Safetrust mobile credentials to our New England customers. Safetrust is a global pioneer in physical and logical identity solutions, bringing mobility to the modern enterprise with the simple tap of a smartphone.

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Safetrust Mobile Credentials

Using Safetrust, people all over the world are able to electronically identify themselves so they can gain access to both online and physical resources. Safetrust leverages industry standards and protocols to protect users’ privacy online and has provided a win-win solution in the battle between security and convenience. 

5 SUREFIRE WAYS you can deploy a campus mobile access solution

Many universities are discovering how mobile access is the future of campus buildings, networks, and other identity management requirements. Yet with disparate systems installed, how do you leverage mobile technology to meet the needs of the entire campus?

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Safetrust Wallet

No matter where your users are or what device they are using, Safetrust Wallet mobile credentials for identity and access management system is simple, safe, and secure. Safetrust makes your users’ mobile devices even more powerful by allowing them access to your building, Network Logon, secure email and messaging, by eliminating old school access cards and usernames/passwords. With Safetrust mobile credentials,  your users can store an unlimited number of Access Cards, Authentication Credentials, Payment Cards, and more in a highly secure wallet, on their mobile device.

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The Safetrust Wallet allows users to store Virtual Credentials from multiple trusted sources without the need for writing down passcodes or worrying about access cards being left laying around. From building access cards, corporate identities, club memberships, or payment cards, your user’s Virtual Credentials can be securely stored in their Safetrust Wallet, allowing them to carry their credentials with them everywhere they go.

Access Control Made Easy

Safetrust mobile credential solutions simplify access control management allowing you to increase operational efficiency by managing mobile credentials through an online portal. Secure identities are managed wirelessly with invitations and provisions sent electronically and revoked just as easily. There is no physical encoding, printing, or returns necessary.

Multi-Layered Security

Safetrust’s advanced, multi-layered security ensures that your keys and cryptographic operations are protected and tamper-resistant allowing you to manage identity data in a dynamic and highly secure mobile solution.

Step-By-Step Instructions

The Safetrust Wallet application is available through the SafeAccess and SafeLogon starter kits which include the SABRE reader/s, a number of employee licenses (w/ unlimited mobile credentials), and complete step-by-step instructions.

Safetrust Identity Solutions


Safetrust’s SafeAccess is a secure, trusted identity solution that enables building access cards to be stored and used virtually from a mobile device. Whether you have a connected or disconnected system SafeAccess supports everything from building access to car park entry/exit to stand-alone entry/lock systems.

Deploying SafeAccess will allow your administrators to better understand when a credential is being used, where a credential is being used, and who is using that credential. Whether you want to consolidate multiple credentials, simplify access in a multi-tenant building, or use it as a secondary credential at a university, SafeAccess is the simple, cost-effective solution of choice for mobile access.


Safetrust’s SafeLogon is a secure, trusted identity solution that enables virtual identity credentials to be securely stored in a user’s mobile device which can then be used to digitally sign and encrypt data and to authenticate to platforms and applications. Since secure mobile credentials eliminate the need for outdated usernames and passwords, convenience, high-security authentication, and information protection is all available in the palm of your user’s hands.

SafeLogon supports a wide range of applications, including desktop and remote authentication, follow-me print services, payment processing, and other systems that use digital certificates or smartcards to access the web.