OpenTech PeopleTrack MM (Membership Management)

PeopleTrack MM (Membership Management) is designed not only to track membership attendance and activity but also to track their use of facility assets from lockers to computers.

MM will meet the demanding requirements of administrators running membership or subscription-based organizations from Recreation, Fitness, Wellness, and Daycare Centers to Golf Courses, Theme Parks, Zoos, and Museums.

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OpenTech PeopleTrack MM (Membership Management)

Run your organization more effectively and manage membership dues, profiles, events, and assets in one place with OpenTech People Track MM (Membership Management). Designed to be an all-in-one, universal tracking solution that provides the tools necessary to accommodate almost any association that wishes to track individuals coming through the door. The primary emphasis behind MM is simplicity and flexibility.

Simplicity: an intuitive program that has all the features of rival products in the market today without complicating the interface and requiring very little training in order to use.

Flexibility: build upon our slate and create the structure and function that uniquely fits your organization.

MM is designed to work on a standalone PC in the main office or on multiple workstations connected to a networked central database. Features include:

  • Built-in Visitor Management System
  • Pass Management
  • Retail and Loyalty Tracking
  • Multi-Day Schedule
  • Event Tracking
  • Badge Production

MM User Interface: an easy-to-use interface for verification of an individual’s identity and the ability to track visits or activities with your organization.

Easy Implementation and Customization: easy to install and support. The preconfigured database and screens mean minimal time and effort are required to get started. The software includes the ability to easily add drop-down lists for many of the data entry fields.

Work smarter, deliver more: It’s like gaining an extra person on staff. MM components and features save you time and effort. Enter information once and updates automatically populate throughout your entire system.

Member Activity Tracking:

  • The option to use bar code, magnetic stripe, fingerprint, drivers license, or a manual search to look up a member’s record in the database
  • Ability to view a member’s information before recording their visit activity
  • Advanced notification of the member’s current status in a bold, color-coded message ( eg: inactive, or expired)
  • Member activity tracking reports

Who is using MM:

  • Fitness Centers & Gyms
  • Wellness Centers
  • Libraries
  • Golf Courses and Golf Centers
  • Municipal Parks
  • Theme & Amusement Parks
  • Recreation Centers
  • Museum & Zoos
  • Daycare Centers
  • Associations & Non-Profits
  • Church & Family Centers
  • Youth Centers, Clubs & More