IDP Smart 31 Printers

If you are seeking an entry-level card printing solution, IDP’s easy to use SMART-31S printer will produce full-color or monochrome cards reliably for years. Its time-test design provides robust printing speeds, excellent image reproduction and cost savings.The SMART-31S offers a wide range of optional features including Ethernet, smartcard encoding, and ultra violet (UV) printing.

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The Series of IDP Smart 31 Printers include:

  • Smart-31S – Single-sided ID Card Printer
  • Smart-31D – Dual-sided ID Card Printer
  • Smart-31R – Rewritable ID Card Printer


  • Employee ID card
  • Student ID
  • Payment card
  • Health card
  • Leisure resort pass card
  • Identification card
  • Transport pass card
  • Loyalty card / Event card