Higgins USB Zoom Photo ID Camera

The Higgins USB Zoom Photo ID Camera is a high-end image acquisition system for photo ID applications. The high-quality system’s speed and performance is a highly praised PCI-based system through a single USB connection.

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Higgins USB Zoom Photo ID Camera Features

  • Supports NIST and ICAO standards for law enforcement and passport applications
  • Full optical zoom control from the mouse or keyboard
  • Custom cropping option: preview image as it will appear on an ID card
  • USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface
  • Auto-focus, 18 to 1 optical zoom (72 to 1 digital) under software control
  • Fullscreen live display at 640×480 at 30 frames a second
  • Lens = 18x optical zoom


On new systems, the camera is warranted for 2 years on-site. A system is defined as a printer and camera or software, printer and camera. Camera only warranty is two years ship to manufacturer.