Higgins PTZ Elite Photo ID Camera

The Higgins PTZ Elite Photo ID Camera is simply the most advanced image acquisition solution for photo ID applications available. A simple double click will center an image in under a second. Unlike other auto-cropping systems, the results are viewable immediately on your computer screen. This feature is invaluable for law enforcement applications when documenting scars and tattoos.

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Higgins PTZ Elite Photo ID Camera Features

Image Quality

  • The PTZ Elite provides high-resolution crystal clear images for consistent quality
  • High-intensity photo-flash provides consistent captures in any lighting environment, even completely dark rooms
  • Subject distance can range from under 2 feet to greater than 20 ft, unlike digital cameras
  • Red and Blue gain controls provide color compensation to deliver perfect skin tones in any room with any printer
  • The PTZ Elite high-end imager matches PVC card printer resolutions for direct printing without scaling or excessive cropping, unlike most digital cameras

Operational Efficiency

  • One-Click Auto Positioning feature
  • Double click on any subject feature to frame the image in under a second
  • Click, Drag and Release feature. Position any body part to any position on the screen immediately
  • Administrative lock on-camera controls to increase consistency in imaging
  • Real-time optical Pan/Tilt and Zoom from the mouse or keyboard

Operational Ease

  • The PTZ Elite provides real-time preview at full resolution on the computer monitor
  • The PTZ Elite provides a cropped display in real-time to match the picture box on your card design
  • Frame your shots exactly as they will appear on your card. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Fast captures in under a second without flash, less than 2.5 seconds with flash
  • Includes twain interface for direct connectivity with all major badging applications
  • Save images to JPG, BMP, or clipboard
  • Full SDK available for low-level integration into custom applications


  • 64 and 32 Bit Support for Win 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000
  • Includes Twain Driver, Stand Alone Application, Flash, Cables, and All Connecting Hardware