COVID-19 Emergency Response Products

Higgins Corporation is currently open and able to assist you with your badging needs and ID supplies, including COVID-19 emergency response products.


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COVID-19 Emergency Response Products

Higgins is an authorized partner for PDC, the leading global supplier of innovative identification solutions to the healthcare industry. Our emergency response products identify patients and visitors and assist in infection control, special precautions, and the identification of specimens and waste.

Write-on Short Stay Wristband

One of the products we have to help you deal with COVID-19 is a write-on short stay wristband. This new wristband comes in nine different colors or blank in white that allows you to write on them. The wristbands are designed to be affixed to individuals that have been pre-screened and include the date as well.


covid-19-emergency-response-productsAdditional COVID-10 Emergency Response Products

Some of the other products and solutions we offer include:

    • Colored wristbands and labels to help with patient triage and screening protocols
    • Patient identification wristbands for admissions
    • Lab labels for specimen identification
    • Special precaution labels to alert and communicate for isolation, airborne precautions, and droplet precautions
  • Visitor badges and visitor management products to help with tightened visitor restrictions
  • Infection control products

Custom solutions are also available to meet your specific protocol requirements.

We realize that this is a pretty chaotic time right now, so we’d be happy to help if you’re having trouble acquiring products that you don’t normally get from us but may need during this time. Please click here to view our catalog to learn more about our COVID-19 emergency response products and then give us a call at 800.486.1312 for assistance.