COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit

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COVID-19 Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit provides a method for healthcare organizations to efficiently monitor interactions by digitally accounting for:

  1. Patient movements within a facility.
  2. Encounters with others.
  3. Determining potential exposures.
  4. Quickly reacting to minimize the spread of disease.

This is a standalone system, so it won’t impact or interfere with your existing IT network. This was done on purpose so that it doesn’t impact immediate, emergency setup with any cybersecurity integration concerns. It is cloud-based and we are happy to set up a web demo to explain and answer any questions that you have to help you and your ER personnel know the status of the patients with a communicable disease.

Basically, at its core, it sets up 10 zones. Most of these patients have no idea if they are positive for COVID-19 for days. The staff doesn’t know either. If a patient ends up testing positive, this system will allow the hospital to pull a report to find out who or what interacted with that patient and for how long. It provides an audit trail of potential contact.

Please download the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Surge Response Rapid Deployment Kit brochure and then give us a call at 800.486.1312 to schedule a web demo of this innovative solution.