The Best Solution for Debossing or Embossing of Dog Tags & Medical Alert Tags!

The MDT Series dog tag embossers are the most reliable, easy-to-use, fully automatic dog tag and medical alert tag embossers in the market. The latest MDT500 HE all-in-one integrated unit comes with removable hoppers and a host of other features not found in other dog tag machines. It also embosses stainless steel plates of 2.25″ x 1.25″.

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CIM MDT500 HE Features

  • Built-in standard keyboard for quick set-up and operation (no need to worry about external keyboard and connector)
  • Linux based CPU, multi-language support & high-resolution LCD display
  • Interchangeable cassettes for easy switch between medical alert and dog tags
  • Auto-switching power supply (110V-240V)
  • Easily create jobs away from the machine from a CSV file loaded on a USB flash drive. Optional Blade software is available.
  • Lightweight – ONLY 50 lbs. with a sturdy case and easy to carry built-in handle. The unit is truly portable.

The fully automatic MDT500 HE has been designed as the ideal, no-hassle dog tag machine for low to medium tag volumes. The machine will personalize up to 135 dog/medical alert tags per hour.

Designed and built by the #1 supplier to the US Military with quality materials to ensure years of trouble-free service.