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IDP Card Printer Catalog

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IDP is a leader in innovative ID card printer technology offering highly engineered ID card printers that provide maximum efficiency for the production of plastic cards to be used in commercial and government applications.

In the IDP Card Printer Catalog, you will find product information about:

  • The IDP SMART Series, including the SMART-BIT Shredder
  • Primus Proximity “aka Prox” Cards
  • Lanyards, Badge Reels, and Badge Holders

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IDP Smart 31 Printers

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If you are seeking an entry-level card printing solution, IDP’s easy to use SMART-31S printer will produce full-color or monochrome cards reliably for years. Its time-test design provides robust printing speeds, excellent image reproduction and cost savings.The SMART-31S offers a wide range of optional features including Ethernet, smartcard encoding, and ultra violet (UV) printing.

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IDP Smart 51 Printers

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Fast and Reliable ID Card Printers: IDP’s new SMART 51 Line

IDP’s SMART 51 is the next generation of its mid-range ID Card Printer platform. The SMART 51 inherits the most successful and proven elements of the SMART 50 series printer to ensure reliability. The upgraded SMART 51 will provide the most appropriate card issuance experience.

SMART 51 is 10% faster compared to the former SMART 50 series ID Card Printer.

• Single or Dual Sided Mid- Range ID Card Printer
• Fast, Quiet with User-Friendly LCD
• Flexible, Upgradeable & Reliable
• FINE™ Imaging Technology
• Lowest Cost per Print


IDP Smart 81 Printers

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The SMART 81 Printer is a NEW generation of retransfer card printers, offering the fastest production speed in the industry!

IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder

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Protecting personal information is paramount to security and that is what the IDP SMART-BIT shredder is specially designed to do. It ensures the secure destruction of used ID Card Printer Ribbon so that all personal information is destroyed. Due to its Twisted Micro-Cut Technology, you can rest assured that complete shredding of the ribbon will occur. Check it out:

IDP SMART‐70 Series

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WITH SEVEN MODULES TO CHOOSE FROM, you can build your printer to suit your needs.

EACH MODULE OFFERS UNIQUE FEATURES to add convenience, security, production capabilities, and reliability.


IDP YMCPKO Pearlescent Ribbon (SMARTMark)

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SMARTMarkOP is a Pearlescent (P) panel that is applied to the surface of a card. This color-shifting ink can easily be seen on a card with the naked eye and can be customized to include text, pictures, or logos. The printed feature adds security, as it is easily visible to the trained eye, but not so to the untrained. Watch the video below to see how it looks.