Emergency Response
New Partnership Brings More Accountability Solutions To First Responders

Alliance formed with Tactron and Salamander Technologies

Higgins is excited to announce we have teamed up with Tactron, Inc. to provide Incident Management and Personnel Accountability solutions. Since 1990, Tactron has delivered equipment that provides Group and Incident Commanders with a complete visual representation of all responding units and personnel. Tactron, Inc. and Salamander Technologies have taken the two leading manual solutions available and have made them interoperable using Salamander’s fireTRAX® electronic accountability.

Accountability is not an option. Issues of safety, incident command and control, and leadership make accurate tracking an absolute necessity. Commanders can easily track their own teams and assets. Accountability at mutual aid scenes becomes more challenging. Tactron’s PASS system uses 3, 4, 5, or 6 tags and a collector board to enable easy tracking of all emergency scene personnel. Tags can be engraved with a unit ID and name, or labeled with barcodes that include name, qualifications, check-in, and assignments so they can be scanned and electronically transferred to Incident Command using fireTRAX®.

Whether your department or agency wants to enhance current manual Accountability tracking or achieve NIMS compatibility through electronic processing, we can provide scaleable Tactron and fireTRAX solutions to meet your requirements®.

Please take a look at our products developed specifically for First Responders by clicking on Emergency Management in our Solutions menu.