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The Latest ID Technology for Cards & Smart Phones

Higgins has the newest and most reliable solutions for identification, and credential management. Our solutions can tie into your access control system. Using either standard, on-premise ID software, or a secure, cloud-based solution, you can create both traditional, printed ID cards or issue digital ID credentials.

By issuing either ID type, or even both, you users can securely access doors and parking gates, computers and networks, trusted endpoints like card printers, and more. In our growing contactless society, you also have the ability to either capture live in-person photos or receive online photo submissions for new credentials. Whether your campus is small, large, or in multiple locations, we have the latest ID technology solutions for campus safety & security to keep your people, places, and things secure.

Campus Safety & SecurityDigital ID Cards

Higgins offers a full line of well-known and proven photo ID card software solutions that are easy to use, compatible with related industry programs, and come prepackaged in a variety of standard feature sets. Our ID card software solutions can satisfy the most demanding application requirements, from creating simple ID badges or customer loyalty cards to more complex employee IDs and access cards, including printed security features and/or smart card encoding.

Mobile Credentials

Rarely misplaced and consistently in hand, the mobile phone has become the most valued technology we own. Higgins offers mobile credential and access solutions that merge security with convenience by storing secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and gates. These powerful solutions enable Android or iOS phones to communicate with readers using a close-range “tapping” or simply by slowly “waving” the device in front of the reader. Our mobile credential and access solutions leverage standard device technologies, are universally accessible, easy to deploy, and simple to manage.

Secure Login

With the advent of physical access control systems, many companies found themselves in need of ways to secure more than just doors and gateways. This gave rise to integrated solutions that also include various forms of logical security. Higgins offers logical access control system (LACS) solutions that are fully compatible with their physical counterparts. Our multi-factor, logical access solutions help enterprises of all types to repel attacks on their networks and infrastructure systems to keep company information, plus customer and employee data, safe.

Any dependable logical security solution includes compounding supplementary factors to authenticate users’ identities. Commonly known as “two-factor authentication” or “2FA”, and more recently as “multi-factor authentication” or “MFA” when three or more requirements are needed, this can be achieved through the use of individual PINs, biometrics, and passwords, in addition to a physical access or identity card. Sometimes, even more than one biometric is needed to validate appropriate access.

ID Card Printers

Higgins offers the most reliable and high-quality ID card printers on the market and a large variety of smart card encoding, printing, and lamination modules. Our desktop ID card printers are compact, reliable, simple to operate, and cost-effective, which helps keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Thermal Temperature Monitoring

Thermal imaging technology, used during the SARS outbreak, can help with non-contact automatic temperature monitoring during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Higgins offers both a Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station as well as a handheld solution.

peopletrack mobileCampus Solutions for Future Uncertainties

Even if physical foot traffic is less in your buildings next year, we have the tools to make your enrollment and check-in processes faster and more efficient. Using our PeopleTrack solutions from OpenTech Services, you can check students, staff, visitors, vendors, and volunteers into your buildings in seconds, and even issue temporary passes within that same window. Combined with a temperature scanner, our PeopleTrack Mobile Temperature Tracking Solution is an effective way to keep those with suspected infections away from a central gathering place so that social distancing is maintained as you continue to process those arriving quickly.

We offer affordable enrollment, tracking, and management systems for visitors, employees, patients, and students. We can help you manage everyone and everything on your campus, however big or small. We also provide on-site consultation, installation, and other services, and we’ve worked with schools of all sizes to implement solutions that can work for your campus, too.

Higgins is a Member of ISG

Higgins is a proud member of the Identification Systems Group (ISG), a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security, tracking, and card personalization technologies, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by local support and our Professional Services Certification program’s strength. Each member company works together to provide seamless support and collaboration in the USA and Canada identification and issuance industries.