Since 1990, Tactron has been supplying fire departments, police agencies, EMS companies, as well as private-sector corporations with a wide array of easy-to-use and understand incident management products.

The unique Tactron Command Center was created by active firefighters who saw the need for a formalized, yet easy to use, organizational system.

The basis for the full line of products is the ICS (Incident Command System) and is NIMS compliant.

From the individual incident responder to the incident commander, the Tactron System covers virtually every aspect of any type of scene. For use with fire, medical, law-enforcement, Haz-Mat, public works, hi-rise, or any combination of these in a unified command situation, you will find no other system that compares to Tactron. And now, with the added technology of the fireTRAX® automated management and accountability software program, you can take Command to the next level.

The Tactron System is simply an easy-to-understand, ICS based system that has been helping incident commanders organize scenes and save lives for many years.

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