rf IDEAS began in 1995 as an early pioneer of proximity-based authentication and identification solutions.

Today, they continue to lead the way with an innovative portfolio of credential readers that are compatible with nearly every proximity, contactless smartcard and, now, mobile credential available on the market.

rf IDEAS is your go-to authority for access control, partnering with leading technology companies to provide authentication, identification and logical access control solutions for single sign-on, multifunction printing, manufacturing processes, dispensing, computer and network access, attendance tracking, interactive kiosks and other secure identity applications. They support a broad range of enterprises, including healthcare, manufacturing, government, education and more.

Their WAVE ID® platform includes single-frequency, dual-frequency and mobile credential readers in a wide selection of form factors and options, along with the software development kits that device manufacturers need to suit practically any enterprise application beyond basic door access.

They are also addressing the demand for new technologies such as biometric readers, and  pledge to remain at the forefront as future applications create demand for new authentication methods.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, rf IDEAS maintains a quality management system that spans all of our operations to ensure that processes, quality and overall management always meet the high expectations of customers, channel partners and suppliers. And they bring the same quality focus to the training and support they offer for rf IDEAS partners and customers.

In their values-driven corporate culture, rf IDEAS believes that success requires more than expertise. It takes a collaborative spirit. Speed and agility in response to every need. And trust earned with every promise kept, every challenge solved.

Higgins is proud to be an rf IDEAS partner. Give us a call today at 800.486.1312 to learn more.