PeopleTrack is the flagship software product of OpenTech Services.

Founded in 2008, OpenTech has succeeded in becoming a nationally recognized name in the identification and tracking solutions industry. Their applications provide specialized solutions for management in many markets including Education, Small Business, Community, Government, and Healthcare.

In 2011, recognizing an opportunity to elevate an excellent foundation with improved customer service and support, David Higgins III, owner of Higgins Office Products, purchased OpenTech. With renewed energy and resources to support and grow, Opentech’s product line was overhauled and PeopleTrack was launched in 2014 as a universal one-stop solution for all visitor management, membership management, and student tracking needs.

The product is the culmination of years of experience, analysis, and listening to the needs of our customers. PeopleTrack recognizes that our software solutions must enhance the workflow and business processes of our customers. It is with this knowledge that they have designed products that are easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective.

Higgins is proud to be a PeopleTrack partner. Give us a call today at 800.486.1312 to learn more.