Higgins is proud to partner with CloudCard to make online photo submission simple. This technology integrates with Adaptive Issuance Instant ID software for a seamless experience.

Based in Lynchburg, Virginia, CloudCard is an international SaaS organization with a focus on digital ID photo submission solutions. Since its inception in 2015, the company has largely catered to the higher education sector.

CloudCard Online Photo Submission Software

The challenge of managing long queues of individuals waiting to have their ID photos taken has been a persistent issue for many administrators.

This is precisely why CloudCard developed its user-friendly Online Photo Submission platform.

The service eliminates the hassle of extended waiting lines, offering a more pleasant experience where individuals can upload their chosen ID pictures using their own devices.

CloudCard’s Online Photo Submission seamlessly integrates with Adaptive Issuance Instant ID software (formerly TruCredential), creating a unified and effective user experience.

The benefits of this integration encompass:

  • Time Savings – The implementation is simple and requires minimal technical know-how, thereby freeing up IT staff for other tasks. Batch printing functionalities further streamline the student credentialing process.
  • Cost Savings – Ditch the need for dedicated cameras; the platform allows students to use their own smartphones for photo submissions. CloudCard’s Helper Bot handles the photo processing, adding another layer of convenience.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Users now have the luxury of uploading their ID photos whenever they wish, from wherever they are, using their preferred device. This shifts the paradigm, relieving the card office from the burden of managing extensive queues.
  • No More Stress – The compatibility and seamless integration with TruCredential alleviate concerns regarding integration issues.

Higgins is proud to be a CloudCard partner.

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