Identity theft is highly problematic for businesses and consumers alike, which is why steps should be taken to guard against becoming victimized by identity thieves who are always on the prowl. Learning how to prevent identity theft is key.

3 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft & Improve Security

One of the most notable threats posed by identity thieves is that they can get a hold of critical information belonging to others and use it to steal funds or access other data that they can use to harm businesses or individuals through blackmail or ransom.

With this in mind, both individuals and companies need to ensure their safety and protect their private information and reputations by taking drastic measures to ensure that their data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Below, we discuss three actions you can take to protect yourself. 

How to Prevent Identity Theft & Improve Security

Tightening security and preventing harmful persons from accessing your data starts with the basics.

1. Employ Cyber Security Best Practices

To maintain optimal digital security, always practice the proper online safety measures. Best business practices to maintain security consciousness include using strong firewalls, VPNs, and secure offsite data storage. Others include: 

  • Performing regular malware and virus scans
  • Automatically updating your devices’ software
  • Training staff in digital security best practices
  • Limiting employees’ ability to install software
  • Restricting physical access to the company’s computers

2. Ensure Your Filing System is Secure

If your business is the type that keeps paper records, ensure such documents are secure. If these fall into the wrong hands, sensitive records can harm the company, employees, customers, or investors. 

Physical sensitive documents should be kept in a secure filing system with locked filing cabinets. You could also lock such documents in a safe or vault or use file storage stationed in a secure area that needs a second level of access. 

3. Buy a High-Quality Shredder

Limit the risk of data thieves piecing back paper strips from a shredder to make sense of sensitive data. Invest in a quality shredder to ensure you don’t lose enormous resources from a poorly shredded document. 

There are many shredding machines and vendors to choose from, but one that is guaranteed to protect personal information and ensure security is the IDP SMART-Bit Ribbon Shredder

The IDP SMART-Bit Ribbon Shredder ensures the secure destruction of used ID card printer ribbon and other sensitive documents you want to eliminate. It has in-built Twister Micro-Cut technology, which guarantees the complete shredding of ribbons and paper. 

Besides being secure and shredding comprehensively, the IDP SMART-Bit Ribbon Shredder is compatible with popular printer brands. In addition, it is unique and easy to use. You need only 60 seconds to set it up and start functioning. 


Businesses and individuals cannot afford to be lax about protecting their identity from ID thieves and threats – in fact, it’s downright dangerous. Not only can companies lose money when identity criminals strike, but they potentially open themselves up to liability if their customers’ data is compromised. 

Employing these top measures and remaining vigilant will improve security by helping to safeguard against identity theft. Having privacy and security protocols in place gives businesses a competitive edge by inviting more trust from customers and stakeholders. 

For more information about the IDP SMART-Bit Ribbon Shredder, contact Higgins Corporation today at 800.486.1312 so that they can help you take the first step to secure your data.